Chiropractic – How Do I Choose A Chiropractor?

As a second-year medical student, I had an internship with a physician that worked at family chiropractic in my city. He was a very nice man, so I thought that perhaps he would be able to work with my internship with ease. Fortunately, that is not the case.

During our first year intern, I learned that my doctor required that I sign a release form. Not only that, but I was not allowed to take any of my time during my internship to do anything for the family chiropractor.

It did not occur to me that my doctor would be worried about me doing anything “for” him. However, I was not in my junior year of medical school, and I did not feel comfortable signing anything that could land me in trouble. So, instead of working with this doctor, I decided to go work for a chiropractor in another town.

The Doctor I had worked with was a very good chiropractor. The area where he worked had many family chiropractors and he was usually asked to keep patients of all different backgrounds. He always made sure that he took care of everyone he could. That is why I chose him over my own local chiropractor near me.

The night before I was to leave for my second year of medical school, I received a call from my chiropractor. He told me that he was very happy with me and wanted to see me again in a month.

I told him that I was doing well but would be very busy for one time. He told me that he could not give me any commitments. Instead, he told me that he would consider it if I called him when I could not wait to see him in a month.

I have been in the small town that I live in for the last four years. Now, a year later, I am looking forward to meeting him again. I told him that I was going to make sure that he did not meet any of his patients while I was gone.

As soon as I told him what I was planning on doing, he called me and informed me that he was not going to meet any of his patients until he met me. Of course, the reason that he was not going to meet any of his patients was because I was going to get him fired from his local chiropractor. I told him that I wanted nothing to do with him.

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